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Pet Amigos – Servicing the Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Pet Amigos has been established since 2009 by Lyn & Bruce to provide a loving caring environment for pets.  Lyn has always been surrounded by family pets since a child.  The family dog, Blossom (who was my best mate whilst growing up) & budgies were always there for me when I came home.  When I married & had my own family, we had several dogs over the years.  Megs (an Aussie Terrier that looked more like a large Silky) was adorable. Unfortunately her life was cut short. Both my boys were devastated.  So we found Jackie (Blue Heeler X LabradorXTerrier) – she brought back the smiles to our family.  She lived a long dog life of over 14 years & with her sidekick, Cherie (miniature fox terrier); they both got thoroughly spoilt by all of us and were a very special part of our lives.  We were never without our fish or budgies either.  My life took a different road about in 2000 & I was not able to have a dog where I lived but I was able to have my pet budgie, Gizmo.  He was with me for over 17 years & was a sad day when he passed away. I missed my little buddy so much that I now have a new budgie – Harry departed to pet heaven – happens with pets unfortunately – we now leave wild bird seed out for all the lovely parrots to visit us each day We also still have our small aquarium of tropical fish. Bruce, my special partner now in my life, has always had cats in his life. His family cat, Tiger, passed away but his girls carry on this tradition by having several cats of their own.

We are sponsoring a puppy with SEDA – Seeing Eye Dogs Australia & by doing this we are helping fund the cost of training puppies to be Seeing Eye Dogs. We used to give donations but thought this would be better.. Our sponsor puppy/dog Kara, is one of the new schoolies at Camp SEDA for training puppies to be Seeing Eye Dogs when they are grown up. These dogs make a difference too many Australians who are blind or vision impaired. These people, through the Seeing Eye Dog program, are then able to experience freedom, independence and safety only a graduated Seeing Eye Dog can provide them.

Kara unfortunately did not make it through all her training, she had been doing so well until she came to road traffic, she got spooked and this was where her training for being a sight dog stopped. She was then placed in the program for companion dogs, so all was not lost. We receive a new puppy to sponsor each time one is successful. So please do go to their website for all details.

Go to the website provided – www.seda.org.au – to find out more details if you too wish to help.

Lyn has attended a National Dogs Training Federation course that covered many aspects of dogs’ behaviours and techniques in handling dogs. It was quite an extensive course over many months and involved over 100 hours of actual hands on with many dogs – all different personalities & temperaments. The knowledge gained has been a terrific boost in the care of the dogs we look after. Highly recommend if you wished to become a qualified dog trainer & behaviourist.

Website – www.ndtf.net.au

Bruce & I are based in Kilsyth in the Eastern Suburbs, our pet family includes a four legged friend called Sally. She is a Pomeranian X Aussie Terrier. She is so cute. We hope to have her many years & we did have a blue budgie, called Harry – hence Harry met Sally.

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